Effective and active
bacterial removal
ozone oxidizer

About Obox

Convenient, inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to disinfect and deodorize objects that we are using in our everyday life.

Ozone is one of the most active, readily available oxidizing agents

Ozone rapidly decomposes to oxygen leaving no traces

Ozone reacts swiftly and effectively on all strains of viruses


Obox ozonator can be manufactured according to your specified dimensions

The use of ozone is very effective to eliminate unpleasant odors

Use of ozone allows for lower operating costs. Requires shorter time than chlorine

With ozone disinfection, each cleaning program is the same as the previous one, translating repeatability into reliability

Reactions do not produce toxic halogenated compounds

Ozone acts more rapidly, and more completely than other common disinfectants

Ozone is the most environmentally friendly, popular and effective disinfectant

Ozonization destroyed almost all organic pollutants

How it works

In the plywood construction we install an ozone-generator that produces necessary amount of ozone to disinfect and deodorize particular system. Produced Ozone ensures destruction of all species of bacteria, fungi, bacteria, parasites that are in municipal waste sites, and the accumulation of debris. Ozone generator is equipped with a central control processor, with which it is possible to program the automatic functioning and duration of use of ozone-generating equipment; Furthermore, production of ozone dosages depending on the season and temperature in the system.

Technical characteristics of the built-in ozonator

Voltage used 210 V – 250 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Maximum current used 100 mA
Air flow Iki 13,5 M3/val
Dimensions 150mm x 120 mm x 80 mm
Timer accuracy Iki 7%
Weight, gr Iki 600 gr
Ambient conditions of use -20o .. + 50o , drėgmė iki 75%

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